Tuesday, December 7, 2010

God told me to.

A friend of mine posted a status on Facebook that caught my attention. It was a conversation between her and her daughter.

Mom: What made you think to make a sand angel last night?
Daughter: God. He told me to, he thought it would be funny. He laughed. 
Mom: Being 3 is so awesome!
This is such a cute conversation. There is something about a little kid's innocence that adds a layer of sweet to everything. 
But this little conversation got me thinking about people who say, "God told me to."
 In fact my first comment on her post was..."It's not so cute when they are 13, is it?" 
Yeah I know, I totally killed the moment.  There reaches an age when hearing someone say the phrase "God told me to." causes you to first think, "Wait a minute, is this person crazy?" 
 I think that happens after puberty. Puberty screws a lot of things up. 
But have you ever heard someone say that phrase? You can't tell me that you haven't thought in the back of your mind, "I wonder where the closest exit is."
Why is that?  Why do we get so weirded out by the thought that God has told someone to do that? I have a couple of ideas.
1. Crazy people really do exist- Last month an actor from the t.v show Ugly Betty killed his mother with a samurai sword because God told him to kill the demon inside her......oooookkkkk that's creepy. In fact it seems that the only time God gets major publicity for something is when someone crazy says it. Sidenote:  Why do crazy people get so much publicity?
2. It's hard to prove otherwise.- I mean anyone can say "God told me" about anything and you can't really argue with them. Why did you buy a Justin Bieber cd?  God told me to....really? I mean in my imagination I picture God having much better musical talent than a 12 year old with the same hair as Tom Brady, but who am I to say that it didn't happen? I know that God won't tell you to sin so that limits things. Is buying a Justin Bieber cd a sin?
"I need more product!"
3. Because T.V. preachers say that God is telling you to give them money- Let's be honest. It cost a lot to have this hair. It takes a ton of product to defy the laws of physics and have this stay in place...but really, televangelists have been giving God a bad name for a long time. I've heard multiple televangelists say that God is calling people to give them money for His glory only to later learn that the money was spent on an airplane. If you want to glorify God, you can fly coach with the rest of us. Although I might hope that God tells my 7 month old to throw up on you.
4. If you hear from God, there's a chance He wants to talk to me too- I think that this is a fear of a lot of people. If God told you to do something, then He might tell me to do something too. What if He tells me I have to give up my stuff? What if He tells me I have to move to Africa? What if He tells me to take up my cross and follow Him? That's hard. Really hard. I think a lot of people don't want to admit that others hear from God because they fear that God might tell them something they don't want to hear. 
 Have you ever heard from God? 
Did people think you were crazy?
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  1. oh YES I've heard God speak to me. A couple weeks ago, I felt led to stop being friends with one of my best friends for a year. Everyone said I was crazy and that I was an idiot for thinking that God was the one who told me not to be friends with him. Not even a week ago, I was still indeisive about whether or not I wanted to go on choir tour this year, but after talking to my mom about it, the phase "JUST DO IT" kept popping up over and over again and I knew He was telling em to JUST DO IT. :D I have so many more, but I won't put them all in a comment.

    ~ Warrior

  2. I've never heard a more loving voice. And I often can't get enough of it. That's what saved me - intimately knowing Jesus because I'd really had enough of studying and debating "what's ok and what's not ok." Finally learning to hear his voice daily above my own and the voice of others...that's more life changing than anything I've ever experienced.