Friday, April 1, 2011

The Quick and the Dirty: Dressing Room Signs

I hate going into the dressing room to try stuff on. Part of it is that I'm a guy and well I should know what size I am. Another part is that I would rather drive home, try it on there, and drive back then use the semi-private phone booth that they call a dressing room. Today I had to go to Target to get some running shorts for the 10k tomorrow. I didn't want to try them on...but my wife insisted that I try them on before I left. (I'm finding that she's usually right about these things) While in the midst of my shorts adventure I noticed a few things about the dressing room.

First, why are there 17 mirrors in one dressing room. Ladies, I'm blaming you. There's no way a man came out of a dressing room and said the phrase "How do you expect me to see how these pants fit in the rear?"  Seriously. I felt like I was in a fun house somewhere. I half expected a Carnie to knock on the door and try to guess my weight. But that's not what this post is about. This post is about the following picture.

There's something wrong with this song. It's not grammatical. At least not as far as I can tell.
My problem with this sign is the word swimwear.

Maybe I'm being a little picky but shouldn't the sign read:

Please leave on undergarments when trying on EVERYTHING!

My use of the exclamation point may seem excessive but I feel that I can't express enough the fact that you should probably keep your underwear no matter what.  I mean if you like the commando lifestyle in clothes that you've purchased  that's cool. 

But for these clothes that are about to be put back on the rack so that some unassuming person will grab and try on next,  you should definitely keep your underoo's on. 

So please, please, for the sake of humanity. Keep your undergarments on when you are trying on things!!




  1. *lol*

    They assume that you will keep your underwear on while you try on pants, etc. since you are supposedly wearing underwear underneath your old pants, too. They have to be explicit abt swimwear since people don't usually wear underwear under their swimwear. :P

  2. Alarming. Did you fix the sign for them??