Thursday, May 27, 2010

I Need Help (and so do you)

Have you ever noticed that we tend to resist help until we hit a wall. I experienced this a couple of weeks ago. Long story short, Mollie and I had our second child in a year on April 27th. We knew it was going to be hard but we welcomed the challenge. We could handle two kids on our own. We knew we could handle it.

And then a few things happened. Mollie had some complications that left her confined to the recliner ALL DAY and ALL NIGHT. That left me doing everything. 3 days and 3 hours of sleep later I hit a wall. In our living room Mollie cried and I sat with my head in my hands. We needed help.

We called some of our friends and being the awesome people that they are they came and helped out with EVERYTHING. Cooking, Taking care of our kids, Changing dirty diapers, Cleaning our toilets, Washing our clothes. EVERYTHING.

Sometimes it's really hard to accept help from other people. I think we look at the things that happen in our lives and we say, "You know, I can handle that." But the truth is, we can't. We can't even come close. We try to take the challenge head on but at some point we hit that wall and crumple to the floor. How much pain could we save ourselves if we just admit that something is too big for us?

I had a tough day that Tuesday. Somewhere around lunch time I realized that this is how I treat God. I find that often, I don't look for God's help until I hit the wall. It was the most liberating moments of my life. All of a sudden I realized that I didn't have to wait until things became unbearable to look for God's help. God is here and wants us to come to Him at all times. All we have to drop our pride and turn to Him.

I need Help. And so do You.

Where in your life do you need help from God?  From Friends?