Friday, January 7, 2011

Tastes Like Chicken

Have you ever eaten something so good that you had to scream?

I'm serious. Have you ever eaten anything that caused you to make an audible noise of rejoicing?

I was thinking about that this morning as it was my turn to enjoy the spicy chicken biscuit from Chick Fil A. The entire world had already enjoyed it....or so it seemed.  Needless to say I was a bit excited.

We went to Chick Fil A, ordered, and sat down. We learned that they had had so many orders that they had run out of biscuits. They had to make more from scratch. I sat there in eager anticipation. When it arrived I got excited and started bouncing in my seat....

I should probably explain that I get really excited about these things. I mean it's not entirely normal for a grown male to excitedly bounce in his seat at the site of a chicken biscuit. Luckily I gave up on normal a long time ago.

I opened the package and took a bite. It was amazingness.  Pure AMAZINGNESS.  Now if you are like me there are a few responses that are appropriate following the first bite of the best food ever.

"mmmmmmmm" - This is pretty standard. Even people who don't regularly respond audibly to food will say this.

"Ha....ha ha ha..." -  Have you ever eaten anything so good it caused you to laugh?  It's like you laugh because you expected tasty but this has put your expectation to shame and you laugh at how ignorant your expectation was in the first place!

"Holy Crap!" - Yeah, this is a response you give when you weren't expecting it to be good at all but you were trying it because your wife ordered it and semi-forced you to try it despite your constant protest because you were enjoying your double cut porkchop and didn't want to try something that you didn't order in the first place..... This is all a hypothetical situation of course.

"Yatzee!!!" - I'm not sure why people would say this outside of  actually playing yatzee but if there is something that completely blows your mind when you eat it this is what you say. In fact there is a good chance that this statement is accompanied by standing up and doing a little dance. I mean it's really good if there is a jig involved.

I think I ended up laughing. I mean I had heard that the spicy chicken biscuit was good but it was better than expected. But that's not the part of this mornings adventure that made me thinking.

I sat there thinking...Why is food good?

Not like why is eating good for me...but why do things taste so ridiculously good?

I mean taste buds are not essential to survival. We could live off of tasteless food that was rich in proteins and everything we need.  But no. We have amazing tasting food.

I think that the ability to taste is a gift from God...I'm serious.  Again we don't need taste to survive. God could have created us without taste buds.  But He gave them to us anyways.

Think about the last time you ate something that caused you to say something out loud. What was that first taste like? What was it like to have that explosion of flavor in your mouth?

Amazingness. A second of pure bliss.

That bliss is a gift from God.  Next time you are eating (which should be relatively soon depending on when you read this) take a second to think about the ability to taste. Take a second to thank God for such a wonderful gift.

In the meantime, drop a comment below mentioning the last food you ate that caused you to be overwhelmed......



  1. I'm guessing your "HOLY CRAP!" response was to a certain chocolate steak we have compared to God many times? (: Actually, Wednesday night I ran by CFA myself and got a chocolate peppermint milkshake and it was AMAZING and a lot better than I expected. My response was something along the lines of "GOOD GOLLY GOLDFISH CRACKERS!! DUDE THIS IS REALLY GOOD!!"

  2. Empanadas Arabes. Made by a true Argentinian named Maria Elena. She makes them just for me now knowing how much I love them. Oh! I actually pine for them! and yes.. YAHTZEE!!!!