Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Best Decision I Ever Made

You make thousands of decisions every. When to get up. What to eat for breakfast. Whether or not you should wear white socks with brown shoes because all of your other socks somehow got stuffed into the bottom drawer of the refrigerator.

They can change your morning or they can change your life. 

10 years ago I made one that changed my life.

It happened at 4:13am next to a dumpster behind my dorm in college. I sat in the passenger seat of a car and my heart was pounding. I couldn't think straight. It all started..... (this is where you cue the flashback)

... 2 months earlier......

I had been in college for roughly 3 months. My girlfriend back home broke up with me a few weeks before. She actually used 5 different cliche excuses..."It's not you it's me....I feel like we're growing apart...I have a weird fungus on my feet that keeps me from seeing guys named Jon...etc" You know the usual..

I was meeting people and making friends. One person kept inviting me to lunch. She was nice, cute, and she was very conversational. And she always brought along her friend which was cool with me. The more the merrier. (it turns out she was trying to set me up with her friend...she wasn't a very good matchmaker.)

Over a couple of lunch dates I begin to really like this girl. She was fun. I was a bit confused why her friend would keep showing up though, but whatever. We kept hanging out for the month of November and as December started we took exams and headed home. We talked a lot online over break. Something like 487 hours. It's a rough estimate.

In January we headed back to school..which catches me back to to the beginning of the story. However there's nothing in movies the lets you know that your flash back is over. I find that annoying. I can save that for another post.

This girl and I were hanging out with some friends watching movies when it was time for me to head back to my dorm. The girl offered me a ride back to my place because it's was like -20 degrees outside...ok I'm not exaggerating there. It was ridiculously cold.

So around midnight we drove back to my dorm. She pulled up to let me out at the side door. Right next to the dumpster. We sat for a little bit and talked. And Talked. And Talked.

4 hours later my heart was pounding. I had a decision to make. Do I or Don't I?

I made the decision. I was going all in.

I started talking. Incessantly. "so there is this guy.....and he really likes this girl.....and he wants to get to know this girl better....and he's kind of hungry right now...." No lie, the story lasted like 5 minutes and went absolutely no where.

Finally we got to the point of the story and she said yes.

10 years ago today I asked my wife if she would like to start dating. It was the best decision I've every made (other than following Jesus obviously!)

Since then we've gone through a lot.

3+ years of dating.
6+ years of marriage. 
2 kids. 
A number of fights (most my fault)
Many more laughs.
And God showing us things every step of the way. 

It's kind of nuts. It just goes to show you:

They can change your morning or they can change your life. 

Pay attention to the decisions that could change your life.
It might just be The Best Decision You Ever Make.

**it seems that my wife has had the same idea as me. We should probably start planning when we are blogging about the same subject. You can read hers at **

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