Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What I have to say about politics

OK. It's getting close to that time and I'm tired of political ads. I long for the days where Virginia wasn't a battle ground state. Then no one really cared because they just assumed it was republican. Now all I hear are ads talking about John McCain is at carbon copy of George Bush who is at death's door. Or about how Barack Obama is a liberal muslim who hates Joe the plumber. I mean how can you hate Joe the Plumber? If you read anything in this election read the following...

Here's the deal. The one concern that I have is that people are making their decisions based on stupid things. They think that Obama is hip and young. He's a great speaker and able to make people jump on board just by talking. On the other side people look at McCain and think that he's a maverick and gonna shake things up. Plus he's a republican and that's better than being a democrat.

Here's the thing. None of those are good reasons to choose who to vote for. I don't care if Barack is a great speaker. I don't care if John McCain is a war hero. Just voting on those things doesn't make sense. Do me a favor. Go to the website http://ontheissues.org .

Take time to click on the picture of Obama. Read where he stands on actual issues. Read where he stands on the economy, abortion, foreign policy, crime, education, .etc. Then you go and click on the picture of John McCain and do the same.

This website will tell you what the people have said about certain issues as well as how they've voted in the past. If you agree with Obama, vote for Obama. If you vote for McCain vote for McCain. If you agree with Nadar...well I don't know exactly what to say to do.

In an election year, people will say anything to get elected. It's time to not listen to the politicians but to look at where they have voted in the past.

That's all I have to say about politics. Go Vote next week. But be educated before you do.

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  1. I used that web site to learn some more about the candidates, and I took the little quiz helping me discover which candidate aligns with my position on the issues. Thanks for helping me make an informed decision!