Sunday, August 15, 2010

God speaks all arounds us, we just miss it.

I often get the question, "Why doesn't God speak to us anymore?" My response is always, "He does."  "Well I don't here him!"

It's true. we don't hear God a whole lot. In fact I can't say that I've ever heard God speak audibly. I had a friend once who did but that's a whole different story. I was at the beach this past week and God spoke to me. Not out loud or anything. But still He was talking.

It started with a book that was recommended by a friend of my father in law. It wasn't a very good book. It was by this rabbi who kept misquoting scripture and making points that didn't make much sense. (like God is not perfect?) But the premise of the book was this: We can see God in nature. That's where we meet God. I was intrigued by this.

We took a group of students to the mountains of West Virginia. One of the things that we did was rappelling of of a mountain. Here's a shot of one of the guys heading over the side of the cliff.

The thing was that as we climbed to the site we were surrounded by trees. When we stepped to the cliff everything opened up. We were met by the New River Gorge. All you could do was stand and look. It was huge. My only thought was. God made this. God made this amazingness.

At the beach it was the same way. I was sitting and staring at the ocean in amazement about the sheer size of it. It's ginormous. I had to think about it. Think about this. Who controls the ocean? Who sets its' waves in motion? Who set the moon just far enough away to control the tides? Who does all that?

God spoke to me that day. He said, "I did all this. I can handle anything in your life. I promise. I will take care of you.

Often we are too busy to just stand in awe of God. It's like we completely miss everything on Earth that He created for us. When we ignore these things, we might just be ignoring God speaking to us. Throughout the week there was a song by the David Crowder* Band that kept running through my mind. I have included it below so check it out!

until next time, open your eyes and open your ears to God.

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