Monday, July 19, 2010

The Story of Me (Why it can be good to sleep in church)

A few weeks back I ran across an awesome video on Dan Cathy's Blog (the president of Chick-Fil-A, and it made me think about my story....check out the video.

Every life has a story. Mine included. I tell my students that it's important to tell your story. It's important to pass on what God has done in your life. That's how we tell others about God. We share God's story and our story together. I wanted to take a minute and do this: I want to tell you my story with God.

Christian camps come in two varieties. Good and Bad. When I was nine I went to one marked, "BAD". Everything about this camp was terrible. Uncomfortable bunks, standard food, and showers that were either frozen tundra cold or  lava hot. it was a week long retreat and I took one shower....on Wednesday. Everything was ridiculously far apart which meant that you had to WALK and WALK and WALK every where. On top of that, this camp used manipulative methods to get kids to accept Christ as their savior. Thinking back on it, I shudder.

This horrible camp is where I met God. 

People ask me if God has a sense of humor. I tell them yes because of this story. I didn't come to know God through any manipulative process or song. I met God because I fell asleep in chapel. See this terrible camp had out of touch speakers who were amazingly boring. Pretty much they were preachers who tried to talk to kids like they talked to adults and they prayed for long amounts of time. On top of that were the aforementioned uncomfortable bunks and lots of walking. Put that together and you have a recipe for sleeping in chapel.

It was during one of the prayers. The guy kept going on and on and sleepiness just caught up with me. I have no clue what he was talking about and so I drifted into a sleepy bliss. The next thing I remember was an arm around me shoulder. It was the pastor's wife. She very quietly walked me through what it took to be a Christian and asked me if I accepted Christ. I said yes. She immediately sat up and said loudly, "Pastor Jonathan Greenhill has just accepted Christ. I opened my eyes. Everyone in the room was standing up and staring at me. Apparently when I fell asleep the pastor finished up his prayer and everyone stood up to sing the closing song. Since had not moved from my 'prayer' posture everyone (including the pastor's wife) assumed I was deep in prayer with God. Nope. I was asleep. That's why she came over and talked to me about Christ. I'm not sue if we would have ever had that conversation if I hadn't fallen asleep in church. God has a funny way about him.

That night I laid in bed and stared out the window. I didn't quite understand what it all meant but I knew my life would be different. I didn't know how, but just that it would. I wouldn't understand that for another 6 years thanks to two other men, one that owned a motorcycle and one that was a Carolina fan. But that's a story for next time.


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  1. Okay post 2...

    Jonathan~ I am so proud of what you have become. You have beautiful children, a beautiful wife, and a beautiful family. You do so many things well for so many. The kids you are helping have no idea what they have as a mentor, leader, and confidante. You teach them try and teach them the right instead of the wrong and help when the wrong may be happening. You lead by the word of God and teach the way of Christ. I cannot tell you how happy I am to have a brother that is amazing in so many ways. The children are lucky to have humor in the way no one else would and a teacher that may not have had the same experiences as them but can relate on a level that is par to none. The video made me happy and sad. Happy in the way that I know my brother is exceptional in the way he learns and uses knowledge to lead. sad in the way that very few people theses days know or really could care less that everyone has a story. I love you little brother and know that you are forgiving in a way no one else could be. As for my story ...well that is a book for another time..Love your big sis..